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Helen has been designing and
making clothes since childhood
— her dolls being her first true
customers! With the ability to
draw and sew she took these
early home-grown skills, and a
yearning for a much deeper
knowledge of clothes design
and pattern cutting, to fashion
college as a young adult.

She studied at Bournemouth &
Poole College of Art & Design
where she won the Jill Dent
Bridal Awards in 1993, a
nationwide competition open
to all fashion colleges.

Over 700 designs were voted
by judges down to a final six.
Helen's dress won by a
landslide number of votes
from over 30,000 people
watching fashion shows at UK
bridal fairs and the Ideal Home
Exhibition final at Earl's Court in London.

This award enabled Helen to gain work experience with wedding dress designers Sassy Holford of Taunton
and Sandy Humby in Romsey. It is clear that designing and making wedding dresses and eveningwear are
Helen's true passions and she continues to further her skills, knowledge and experience.

She never loses her enthusiasm to create something stunning and beautiful!